Thank you!

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

1. Double check the following

  1. Please do check that you are indeed a regular public speaker or event organiser.
  2. And that public speaking or organising events makes up a significant part of you business, either for paid speeches or as a fundamental part of your marketing for other products (such as selling books, products, courses).

silver dynamic microphone on black microphone stand

2. What happens next?

  • Because the show will be “newsy” and needs to be current there is slightly less flexibility. Please do let me know if you just can’t find a time via this email link.

2. What is “series 2” about?

Public Speaker World is a light hearted, newsy, magazine “coffee table” investigation into the public speaking world.

Each show is 30 minutes long and contains 1-2 guests as well as regular host journalist Richard Midson. It’s made up of several segments including a couple of news items, chat with the guest co-host and discussion points about the speaking world currently. Bring your experience and opinions!

3. Simple set up

  • Make sure you have Zoom


4. What’s next?

We can discuss ideas on the day but if you would like to pre-prepare me, add your thoughts below. All questions are optional (except the email and link to a website or video).

Any trouble at all just let me know here.

The Basics (required)