Be a guest in “series 2”

man in beige blazer holding tablet computer


Series 1 was a set of interviews, series 2 will be more of a “magazine” show.

  • Join as a co-host of the episode
  • Share and discuss ideas rather than be interviewed
  • Update us with your recent talks, events and more
  • Discuss the speaking news as you see it
  • Present your personal brand as a co-presenter of the show

What do I need to prepare?

As much or as little as you like

  • An episode “structure” will be in place so we’ll always have something to do
  • Anything else you bring will make the episode better
  • Bring especially your experiences and your industry insights

What do I need to take part?

Your email, so I know where to send the details about the show to and how the guest spots work

This email address will be used solely for the purpose of informing you about the project, project updates/developments. You can leave the list at any time.