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  • Eksteen de Waal: The connector
    Eksteenā€˜s Top Speeches GREAT MILLENNIAL LEADERS: Hope heart and the ability to reflect Why a cup of coffee makes innovation teams work The Inner Ironman: How big data is changing patient […]
  • Steve Bustin: The event compere
    Key lessons from this episode Plan to roll with the punches. Even if you have a set speech, be ready and willing to adapt to the audience on the day. To […]
  • Neils Brabandt: The speaker who tells it as it is
    Neils lessons for speakers There are too many people selling a dream of public speaking and too many people willing to buy into the fantasy. Speaking is not an easy route […]
  • Dr Mark van Rijmenam: The always on speaker
    Key Lessons from the episode Your network is vital – Mark was invited to give a keynote just 1 month after starting his study. This was due to his contacts. Mark […]
  • Tyron Leigh Harding: The powerful story
    Key lessons from this episode It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert. If you have something interesting to say that people want to hear, people will want to hear it […]
  • Katja Schleicher: The student of communication
    Key lessons from this episode To communicate well, think about using a different communication style to your own. Good talks can sometimes be about simply helping people get in touch with […]
  • Raul Anton: The polyglot speaker
    Raul’s lessons for speakers Public speaking is not about broadcasting words AT people but is about a conversation. If you want to challenge them with diverse ideas then you should welcome […]
  • Paul ter Wal: The “anti” hard sell speaker
    Paul’s lessons for speakers Just like in Pauls’ talks, Paul urges you to make a decision and act on it. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Just as Paul found […]
  • Charlotte Kemp: Turning failure into future
    Charlotte’s lessons for speakers Want to become a speaker? You need a niche and you might want to also have a book first. How do you create a book? Blog about […]
  • Anand Tamboli: The speaker who experiments
    Anand’s lessons for speakers When you tell a story, use it to open people’s minds by getting them to think. Stories are metaphors which help people to visualise a complex concept […]