Episode 06

Dr Raul Anton PhD

Topic: Distributed and remote team leadership and communication

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Why you should listen to this episode

It can be easy to forget that public speaking is something that doesn’t just happen in the English speaking world when you come from that environment.

Raul Anton may have started speaking in his native Spanish but in this new era of global companies he has found himself in demand around the world.

For event bookers in countries where English is not the first language it is a reminder that you don’t have to ship in the latest voice from England or the US. For speakers, it’s a reminder that there is a market out there wanting your multi-language skills.

About Raul Anton as a speaker

“The office is like a fetish!”, says remote working specialist Raul Anton.

Raul has been working in a remote environment for more than 10 years. He has a PhD in communications in distributed teams.

As well as leading teams remotely he is a data analytics specialist too, using statistics to help manage processes like hiring in remote environments.

He spent his first 25 years in a traditional office and in factories but discovered the benefits of remote working long before COVID forced it upon many other workers and their companies.

As he says in the podcast, a lot of firms saw remote working at first as being an opportunity to replace the office with Slack or Zoom. But Raul says it is much more than that. Remote working really to comes into its own when you “rethink the workplace”.

He challenges traditional ideas of work at every level from team motivation to management to show how it can work in distributed environments.

COVID has made Raul an in-demand speaker in both the Spanish and English speaking worlds.

For Raul public speaking is much more than just about talking. To him, public speaking is an opportunity for discussion. When he goes on stage he likes it when people question and test his ideas as it helps him learn more from them.

Raul doesn’t just talk about the topic but lives it every day, working in one of the world’s most respected remote companies.

Raul Anton‘s Top Speeches

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  • Keys to create and lead a distributed team that works

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Raul’s lessons for speakers

  • Public speaking is not about broadcasting words AT people but is about a conversation.
  • If you want to challenge them with diverse ideas then you should welcome them to challenge you too with diverse ideas. It helps you learn.
  • Being a speaker like this makes you part of the high-level conversations in your niche.
  • Keep an eye out for the signs your audience is wandering off. Sometimes they can appear to be interested but they are not.
  • Be ready to adapt if a talk is going bad. Think about your audience and give them what they could use, not what you have in your script.
  • The best way to market yourself is just to speak. A lot of bookings come as a result of someone seeing you speak already.