Episode 03

Neils Brabandt

Topic: Scientifically proven techniques for sustainable leadership

Is this the reality of public speaking? Public Speaker World

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Why you should listen to this episode

What is the public speaking really like? In this hard hitting episode, episode professional public speaker Neils Brabadt, lifts the lid on everything from working with clients to the traps new speakers can fall into.

Neils isn’t afraid to hold back in this powerful and insightful episode. He covers topics as varied as marketing to working with clients.

For event bookers this episode could have you rethinking who to book. For new speakers in particular, this episode could get you rethinking your strategy.

About Neils Brabandt as a speaker

“Science rules”. That is the mantra of Neils Brabandt a professional public speaker who has been talking about “Sustainable Leadership” for years.

Neils began his career as a history teacher. As he says, he always loved “teaching”. But his love of knowledge found him studying technology and he ended up in leadership roles.

It was there that he saw how bad management could stop a great company or great product, from being successful. As Neils says, you only need to look around at the burnout quota to know there is something going seriously wrong.

Neils is a passionate advocate for higher standards in the speaking world. He believes that it has never been more important to listen to clients and give them what they need. To paraphrase Neils, he says that speakers are no longer judged on whether they make an audience feel good but whether the speaker delivers tangible business results for their client.

Neils Brabandt Speeches

  • Neils delivers a different talk on Sustainable Leadership to every event he speaks at. He tailors his talk to the organisation, the time, the event, the demand etc.

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Neils lessons for speakers

  • There are too many people selling a dream of public speaking and too many people willing to buy into the fantasy. Speaking is not an easy route to riches whatever anyone tells you.
  • If you want to find the people who really know how it works, find the people at the back of the room who are sitting quietly. When you approach them, they’ll give their price and say come back when your ready.
  • You must have substance to what you say. Where are the facts?
  • If the organiser of an event doesn’t have any money to pay you then the audience also doesn’t have any money. In other words if you want to reach serious people then you need to be speaking at events where event organisers attract people prepared to pay for real quality information.
  • When you start, expect to be paid no more than a grand. When you speak frequently expect 5-7 grand. If you become a celebrity you can charge much more.
  • You just can’t deliver the same speech at multiple venues anymore. People expect a talk specific for their event.
  • The days of writing one speech and then just delivering it everywhere is over. These days you are no longer a speaker but someone who delivers a result to a business. You need to speak yes, but also consult, do workshops with the clients teams, etc. It’s now about the full package.
  • How do you sell a talk where you are basically telling managers they are doing it wrong? You tell them why it will help their bottom line.
  • The speaking world changes rapidly. Be ready for the next crisis whether it is a pandemic or changes in clients or general business practises.
  • Always prepare even for “easy” speeches. The moment you stop preparing is the moment you open yourself up for a bad event.