Episode 06

Anand Tamboli

Global keynote speaker on Innovation, award-winning author

Anand Tamboli – The speaker who experiments Public Speaker World

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Why you should listen to this episode

Apart from the fact Anand Tamboli developed a better mousetrap, literally, Anand shows us that speaking is more than just giving information. Speaking is about changing people’s minds and perspective.

Anand has spent the past 11 years experimenting with his talks and in this episode he shares some of his techniques and the stories he uses to push our minds outside of their comfort zone in order to take on new ideas.

Anand is also a master of the virtual talk, using graphics to illustrate his points. He even makes custom micro-documentaries to help explain issues when he is unable to be at an event in person.

For event bookers this episode will give you new ideas on what to ask speakers to do for your event. For speakers, Anand shares his perspective on how to ensure your talk is always fresh, avoids cliches and delivers what a client needs.

About Anand Tamboli as a speaker

Innovation and people can not be separated and Anand Tamboli is a master of the topic. For over a decade he has studied high tech businesses and the way people interact with technology.

From his opening words in this episode, you’ll hear how he tries to push our minds to deal with new ways of thinking. For example, technology can lead to exponential growth but while that might sound exciting have you thought about what that might mean? Anand will explain all.

Anand has spoken around the world and is a polymath which allows him to see the same topic from very different perspectives and business cultures.

Anand Tamboli’s Speeches

  • Neils delivers a different talk on Sustainable Leadership to every event he speaks at. He tailors his talk to the organisation, the time, the event, the demand etc.
  • Change the game – reimagining the future
  • Raise the game – customer journey
  • Back to the future – managing change

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Anand’s lessons for speakers

  • When you tell a story, use it to open people’s minds by getting them to think. Stories are metaphors which help people to visualise a complex concept in an easy way.
  • Don’t stick to cliched stories. Everyone has heard about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates! The audience can almost tell you the story before you say it. So talk about important people they haven’t heard of.
  • If you want to get into speaking and you spot an opportunity at your firm take it. Offer to do the talk.
  • Remember at first you may be doing some talks for free.
  • Talks give you more flexibility than training to change your whole approach if you need to. Always stay flexible.
  • Move with the times. Anand produces his own very professional looking videos. The technique has been so effective he’s made videos for events when he couldn’t get to them.
  • Speaking is more than just giving a talk. You need to offer coaching and training to go with it.
  • Don’t get bogged down in thinking about the audience. Be aware of them, adapt if you need to, but don’t do it so much that it distracts you and damages your delivery.